The Quest for Reusables

Perhaps finding a sustainable solution for soda is going to be easier than my quest for a sustainable bread solution.

Yesterday, I went to one of my favorite grocery stores (The Village Market) to see what soda’s they sold in bottles. There were about nine different brands with a variety of flavors on their shelves. Having written down these brand names, I’ve started researching to see if any of them use reusable bottles. Many of these brands weren’t on the list at, and there were a few on that list that indicate they do not use reusables, but I was still able to get several good leads.

One of the brands, Frostie, is bottled at three different bottling plants. And one of those bottling plants does use reusables. I’ve emailed them, as well as several other brands that looked promising but weren’t on the glass bottles list to see how to go about returning reusables.

Stay tuned!


About Lori Futcher

Freelance writer and copyeditor
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