Our Christmas Gift for Mother Earth

ImageMerry Christmas, Mother Earth. For the past six months, we’ve been working on a little present for you, and it’s finally ready! From now until at least the end of January, our family will not be disposing of any sort of bread wrapper.

We started working on this gift this summer by making some cloth bread bags that allowed us to purchase homemade bread without wrappers. Our problem, though, was storing it without the bread drying out or getting that freezer taste. We looked at several products that were too expensive and tried several ideas that didn’t quite work—but we hope this one will.

A little Christmas shopping at Target led us to a sturdy looking container that is just the right size for holding seven to eight loaves while still fitting in our freezer. That container turned out to be a plastic box intended for wrapping up and storing lights. (So, for us, this was two purchases in one. We’ll use the plastic inserts to wrap our lights and the container to store our bread.) Since this container isn’t marketed for freezer use, we’re wrapping the bread in our homemade bread bags.

So, Mother Earth, we hope you’ll enjoy the extra space this will save you. Of course, the space saved by seven or eight bread wrappers won’t be overly noticeable, but our hope is that others will be inspired by our efforts. And since they won’t have to go through six months of trial-and-error research like we did, it should be fairly simple for them to reproduce what we’ve done. And since bread is the most commonly purchased packaged item, the end result could really give you some nice elbow room.


About Lori Futcher

Freelance writer and copyeditor
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