Not Alone in My Bread Wrapperless Quest!

I have found another blogger who shares my interest in finding alternate ways to store bread! (Actually, my husband pointed this blog out to me.) Check out her post at

Several things that I found interesting in this blog:

1. There are more reasons than avoiding waste to refrain from disposable bags, one of which is not chocking on bread bag closures!

2. Apparently at least some local bakeries will let you purchase naked bread and put it in your own bag. That is something I have been wanting to try (once I get the storage situation nailed down). I wonder if bakeries in the South will be as accommodating? I also wonder about chain stores like Panera.

3. She shared the idea of wrapping her bread in a cloth bread bag and putting it in a tin. I did spend an awful long time looking at tins during our school’s annual rummage sale last summer wondering if these would work. In the end, we decided against them because they would take up so much space in our small freezer, but now that we have a large freezer, I think this might be the perfect solution for us, and as the author mentions, they should be pretty easy to find at a thrift shop. 



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