Loaves and Dishes

School has started, and we’re going through bread faster than ever. By now, I would have expected we would have completed our 30 days of going without disposable bread packaging, but as I type, seven loaves sit in our freezer–all in disposable bags.

To be honest, this project would have been simple if I had a normal budget to work with, but here I am trying to change something major in our lifestyle, and trying to do it essentially on a Little House budget. 

So that’s the bad news. The good news is we are making progress.

Thanks to feedback from my blog Kneading Ideas, we did pick up an inexpensive bread holder (The Rubbermaid Bread Keeper). It worked wonderfully! Notice I said worked. After using it on our counter for a few weeks, we decided to test how it works in the freezer. Worst case scenario, I figured, it wouldn’t keep the freezer taste out of our bread and we’d end up only able to use it for already-thawed loaves. I was wrong.

What I didn’t account for was how the cold temperature in the freezer would alter the shape of the container. The container, and its lid, were shaped much like a loaf of bread. But after having stored the box in the freezer for a while, the shape of the container changed slightly so that it no longer matches the lid. Not only will it not keep freezer taste out of bread, it also isn’t suitable for keeping bugs away from the bread.

But, like I said, we have made progress. One of the biggest challenges we were facing was that large containers would take up too much space in our fridge-top freezer. Notice, however, that at the beginning of this blog I mentioned we currently have seven loaves in our freezer. I’m not sure we could ever fit seven loaves in the fridge-top freezer, but we’ve been blessed to be the recipients of a chest freezer, thanks to some church members who thought of us when they were upgrading. 

So here’s our plan: We’re going to find a large container, one without contoured edges, that will hold several loaves of bread and try using that to hold bread in our chest freezer. And we’re going to do this as soon as Pa gets paid for his crop–or actually as soon as we get some extra income from the photography business. 

So here’s my question for you this month: Has anyone had luck with Rubbermaid containers in the fridge? Or should we invest a bit more and get something from Tupperware? 


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