Kneading Ideas

In one of my earlier blogs, I told you how I thought our first challenge of eliminating our use of bread wrappers was going to be simple. My fear now is that this will be one of the simplest challenges we’ll face as part of the Prairie Green project–which means all of this is going to be a lot harder than we thought.

Here’s where we stand at this point. The Oatmeal container worked for keeping our frozen bread from tasting like freezer. I was happy! Loving the idea of taking an item that would otherwise go into the recycler and extending it’s life, I figured we had found our solution. 

Even when we discovered that the containers didn’t work when it comes to keeping thawed bread from drying out, I wasn’t too discouraged. We had learned that placing a hardened loaf in the vegetable steamer for about half an hour not only moistened the bread, but warmed it to a fresh-baked temperature. “Maybe we should buy one bread box for keeping the loaf of bread we’re using,” I said to my husband. 

Then we ran out of the bread we purchase monthly from our friend and made a couple loaves of our own. Come to find out, the loaves we bake are taller than the ones we buy! And those are our oven-baked loaves. When we’re in a real hurry, we throw something together in the bread maker, which I’m sure has different dimensions yet. And those different dimensions aren’t working with our oatmeal box solution. While the bread we buy fits perfectly, the bread we bake doesn’t fit at all, and we’re unsure about the bread-maker bread.

Reluctantly, we bagged up the freshly baked bread in freezer bags. Back to square one. 

While we’ve talked about buying Tupperware bread boxes, they aren’t cheep. We’d probably want four or five, which would cost us nearly $100, an amount I can’t quite justify.  And as I study their picture online, I wonder if the dimensions of these bread boxes aren’t made for “boughten” bread, which would be completely different than any of our home-baked bread dimensions.

We’ve done some looking at kitchen stores for sealed containers, but we haven’t been able to find any that look to be about the right size for bread. Too big and we’re taking up unnecessary room in our small freezer; too small and we’ve wasted our money. 

With my son heading back to school tomorrow, we’ll be using more bread for school lunches, so I’d really like to find a solution soon (not to mention, I’d like to get started so I can move forward in my Prairie Green adventure).

So, I’m turning to you, my faithful blog followers (yes both of you!). What would you do if you were me? Remember, my goal for this project is to reduce disposable package waste on commonly purchased items.

Please leave your comments below! 


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2 Responses to Kneading Ideas

  1. Heather webb says:

    Wal Mart has : or their is the They seem pretty cheap and I would think they would work well. I personally haven’t tried them out though.

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