Yesterday, I had an unexpected visitor. 

“Look who’s here!” my husband said as he came in from the front yard where he had been working. Behind him was an older gentleman from our church. 

For a brief moment I scanned my slightly cluttered living room, wishing I’d had a minute to pick up, but then I noticed he wasn’t looking at the clutter. He was looking at me. That’s who he had come to see. We had a wonderful visit.

Reflecting on how nice it was to have someone just stop by, I thought about how that kind of visit happened more in the Little House days. With no email or telephones, there was really no other choice. If you wanted to connect with someone, you went to where they were unannounced. 

Then the phone was invented. We were able to connect more frequently but less intimately. Visits started being scheduled and the idea of “company clean” emerged. For a perfectionist like me (whose house is never really company clean), the preparation for anticipated company can be stressful. But I am also a social creature, so I put myself through the process as often as I can, each time with my husband muttering something about never having company again. 

So yesterday I started thinking, what if I had a circle of friends with whom I had an open door policy? An ongoing invitation to go to their home unannounced and for them to come to my home unannounced. Maybe that would be another way I could harness the LIttle House spirit in my life.

So that’s what I’m going to do, assuming I can find a few willing friends to join me in this experiment. If you live locally and wouldn’t mind me dropping in unannounced for a short visit, let me know. I promise I’ll take you up on it! Meanwhile, if you ever feel like visiting, and don’t mind if my home isn’t company clean, I invite any of my friends to stop by unannounced.

I’m going to call this my “visiting circle.” So, who’s in?


About Lori Futcher

Freelance writer and copyeditor
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3 Responses to Visiting

  1. Jennifer Brown says:

    I would totally be in except I don’t really live ‘in the neighborhood’!! But if you’re down this way feel free to drop by! I guess I would feel the need to text to see if you were home because you would probably be the only reason I would drive up there and gas is slightly pricey to hazard a guess!!

  2. Leslie Ann Schwarzer says:

    I am! 🙂

  3. Lori Futcher says:

    I’ll admit I haven’t been as good as getting out to visit as I’d hoped. But maybe now that I have a visiting friend “in the neighborhood,” I’ll make another stab at being spontaneously social.

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